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The Tropical Rag is a weekly newsletter about the Key. It goes out on Thursday mornings. The newsletter collects articles from various sources and summarizes them, all written in way that doesn't take itself too seriously. It also has a calendar and some other tidbits to keep you up to date on what's happening.

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Want to know a little more?

Who's doing this? The Tropical Rag is written by a guy named Rafa who once went 87 days without leaving the island. Nowadays he gets out a little more often.

What's up with the name? In the early 90s, in the Square right next to where Patagonia/Nahuen is now, there was a little surf and skate shop named Tropical Rags. It had bunch of cool clothing (rags), stickers, rollerblades, surf wax, and more. You could walk in there at any time and the staff was always eager to hang out and have a chat.

A 'rag' is also a shoddy newspaper. The Tropical Rag is thus an homage to that great little shop, and a fun name for a newsletter.

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