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Hello Key Biscayne!

I was going to write something stupid up here about people not retaining anything when reading this newsletter, but I’ve just learned Mike has resigned from the Beach Club. I suppose in my head, when learning about what was happening, I thought that in the end the competing interests would all come to some agreement to keep the club going without any upheaval.

Instead, Mike resigned and it marks a turning point for the club, and the key. Mike, for any faults pointed out in this debacle, is a great guy and the special kind of glue that kept the Beach Club feeling the way it does: casual, easy going, and genuine. It’s a real shame that after 30 years at the post he would be put in a position to go out like this.

Change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be so ugly. This could easily go the way of the old Oasis to new Oasis, so I can only hope the new board has the wherewithal to keep the ship steady.

In the news

The bed was made In what I now realize is the logical end of this mess at the Beach Club, manager Mike O’Brien resigned yesterday at the annual member meeting, citing the hostility of the current situation.

(C. Sherman)

GTG Back in the good ol’ days, when you saw someone swerving on the road you could rest easy knowing they were just drunk. Now, people are swerving at all hours of the day and when you pull up next to them they always have a phone in their hands.

Could things change? The Florida House easily passed a bill this week banning texting while driving. It now goes to the Senate, where a similar measure failed last year, but sentiment may be changing 🤳

(Sun Sentinal)

Baby steps “Let’s ban plastic bags!” That’s what a popular petition called for two weeks ago (‘A’ for effort 💯). It’s not happening just yet, and the state of Florida says we’re not allowed, but the Winn Dixie is making an effort by offering paper bags, encouraging you to bring your own, and considering an incentive program when you forego the plastic. They’re currently spending $4-5k per month on the disposable bags, so getting rid of them is a win-win situation.

(C. Sherman)

Streisand effect How not to have a story disappear: sue someone over it. Over at Key Colony, someone recorded a condo board meeting and posted it on YouTube. Two months later, the president of Key Colony III sent a letter threatening legal action if the videos weren’t removed. What once was a limited issue is now being written about in the press. Congratulations, you played yourself.

(Key News)


Around Town

  • Today 4/25
  • 👩‍🌾 Forget the lemonade, kids now run a farmer's market (KBPS)
  • Tomorrow 4/26
  • 🍿 Watch an uplifiting, homegrown documentary (Community Center)
  • 🎣 Didn't fish, still wanna party? Get to the YC at 8pm (KBYC)
  • Sunday 4/28
  • 🍝 Palms are sweaty, mom's spaghetti (The Links)
  • Next Month 5/17
  • 🧨 The best party of the year (Beach Club)

Live music, dancing, full bar, and Shorty's BBQ cooked on-site at the Beach Club.

On Friday May 17th, the KB 4th of July Parade Committee will throw a party to help fund the 60th annual parade. It's fun for the whole family. Get your tickets now because they'll be going up in price.

(More info)

Promote your own thing.

One more for the road

As it’s the last Rag before the end of National Poetry Month, I’ll leave you with one more Zip Ode from our own anonymous poet, “Fear and Loathing in Key Biscayne”:

3: Yacht Club demolished.
3: Entry block festers.
1: And
4: 530 Crandon withers away.
9: But the Oasis owners need to be locked up?

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