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Hello Key Biscayne!

Here’s a shower thought for you: There is a whole half (if not more) of the island that doesn’t speak English in day to day conversation. They are extremely unlikely to participate in government or NGOs, wield very little influence over how the island runs, have no media in their editorial voice, and yet can show up in huge numbers to certain social events when organized. It’s like there’s two Key Biscaynes living side by side (and that other side is separated further on ethnic lines). It feels a little bizarre sometimes.

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Ol’ buddy, ol’ pal Get this: less than an hour after the City of Miami lost the Ultra deal (💸), their mayor, Francis Suarez, was calling our mayor, Mike Davey, to see if some kind of deal (where we would pay) could be worked out over the use of Virginia Key.

Mayor Davey then purportedly told him, “get on your knees and beg me for it.” Nah, just kidding. It was a cordial conversation on the future use of Virginia Key, but already some former council members are warning about dealing with Miami.

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Banwitdaban First they came for the plastic straws, and I did not speak out because I was not a plastic straw. But last week I did have the misfortune of having to drink a milkshake through a bad paper straw and it was awful.

The Village banned plastic straws at restaurants a few months ago, and then this month the Florida Legislature banned banning straws and it seemed that was the end of it. It was not. The governor, in a surprise move on Friday, vetoed the ban on the bans. New business opportunity: invent a better straw. 🥤

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Call you back The texting and driving ban that was passed by the Florida Legislature this month had a little help from one of our very own.

Debbie Wanninkhof’s son was biking across the country in 2015 when he was killed by a texting driver. Since then she’s been active in getting the law changed in Florida. This year it finally happened, even if she wishes the law went a little further.



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Short and sweet this time, just like a Key Biscayne winter. Don’t miss the party at the Beach Club tomorrow. See you next week!

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