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Hello Key Biscayne!

I’m about to take off to the Abacos for the wedding of key rat Glenn Savage, son of notoriously strict-with-a-Southern-drawl KBES teacher Mrs. Savage (she’s actually a sweetheart 🥰), and Ariana Ranieri. I only tell you this because my mind is already out there, so we’re gonna keep it brief.

Key Biscayne beach seaweed Unrelated: yesterday the Key set the world record for longest PayDay bar. 🍫

News Tidbits

Ear to the air Have you ever noticed how many airplanes fly over Key Biscayne? Me either. Well there’s some relief for those centenarians among you who can’t stand the noise: the FAA is proposing planes steer clear of the Key, but only on outgoing flights.

(Key News)

In da club Lifelong key rat Paul Zuccarini is the new Beach Club manager, he starts on June 4th. If you don’t know him, he’s a great guy, a community-oriented guy, and a great fit for the place. I wish him the best of luck.

Also, if you’re behind on your dues, the Club is currently instituting an amnesty period, removing all late charges if you settle by June 30th.

(A little birdie)

He was just leaving The Village says former manager John Gilbert decided to forego some of his pension when making the move from fire chief to manager. He didn’t see it that way. Once he retired, he sued the Village for $739k. It was a messy breakup, people were fired, hearts were broken, and this week the Village decided to settle for $325k after racking up $35k in legal fees.

(Key News)

Payback time Former mayor Mayra Peña Lindsay was investigated by the state ethics committee because she closed a Sunshine meeting to the public. She spent $35k defending herself, was exonerated, and wants the Village to pay her back. After a bit of runaround, it seems it’s going to happen.

(Key News)


Around Town

  • Today 5/23
  • 🌊 Will Miami-Dade ever get a resiliancy plan? Find out! (Community Center)
  • Tomorrow 5/24
  • 🏎 Enjoy some classic cars all weekend (Around the island)
  • 🇧🇷 Party with a brazilian other people (Beach Club)
  • Saturday 5/25
  • 🐳 A 5k for the rest of us (Marine Stadium)
  • Sunday 5/26
  • 🛶 Go on a guided kayak tour (Crandon Park)
  • Monday 5/27
  • 💦 He was at the beach the whole time (Bill Bags)

Tune in next week!

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