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Hello Key Biscayne!

A lot of us woke up yesterday to the news of a shooting on the causeway, and as the day went on graphic details trickled out over social media, showing the scuffle and shooting on video from a first-person perspective. Voice notes from people familiar with those involved trickled out offering contradicting explanations as to who was at fault, who brought the gun, but never quite offering a solid explanation (exemplified by the fact that the man everyone thought was surely going to jail has now been released).

Apart from the tragic nature of the situation, apart from the debate on guns and how senseless this was, which is bigger than our island, it serves as a reminder of how little you can truly gleam from hearsay and even video evidence.

Anywho, enjoy the Rag.

Island Report

Tour de Force A scuffle between a cyclist and a motorcycle rider following the peloton yesterday morning resulted in a shooting which left the cyclist dead. The two men reportedly knew each other, and both were regulars in the early morning cycling group. The motorcycle rider was taken into custody and subsequently released, but police still consider him a person of interest in the case.

(Miami Herald)

Still Entry from the Block The entrance block property is back up for sale, for a paltry $20.6m 🤑. The property, which was last sold in 2015 for $15m, is the only vacant commercial property on the island. The Village has been eying the property for years, never quite sealing the deal to acquire this primo parcel of land. Will the Village balk or bite at this price? Will someone else come in a swoop it up? Tune in for more adventures in real estate! 🦸‍♀️

(The Real Deal)

Sign of the tides For the first time this year, the agency that rates the debt backed by the Rickenbacker Causeway tolls included the risk of rising tides and extreme weather events into the rating. While the agency didn’t think the threat was imminent enough to lower the score (BBB+), it’s part of a larger trend where all of our local infrastructure debt will be looked at through the same lens.

(Miami Herald)


Around Town

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
CC East 406 1260 2/2 '14 $770k $545k
Ocean Drive Manors 5A 1305 2/2 '07 $550k $565k
KC IV 138 1720 3/2 '90 $226k $662.5k

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