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Hello Key Biscayne!

The Rag is happy to report that the Village is taking up the issue of the ocean water quality, even if the cause is not very well understood. Often with institutions it can be easy to see a problem but not as easy to solve it.

Anywho, enjoy what we got.

Let me tell you just one thing

Dangerously clean Last Saturday, the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department sent out a notice saying to stay out of the ocean around the Key. A power outage resulted in an overflow of 100,000 35,000 gallons of treated, chlorinated water into the bay. But wait, if it’s treated and chlorinated, what’s the problem? It was too much chlorine. πŸ™ƒ


Get out to the Haunted Hike this weekend, Key Biscayne's spookiest Halloween experience. It's taking place Oct. 18-19 at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. Fun and scary for the whole family. Like a haunted house, but instead of a house, it's in the middle of a forest on top of ancient Indian burial ground. πŸ‘»

(More info)

Promote your own thing.

How to plan a library

1. Miami-Dade County owns and runs the library.

2. The Village wants a deal with the County to make a bigger, better library.

3. The land and the library building were donated by Fritz Scharenberg, developer of Key Colony.

4. Fritz’s deed to the library property says it must remain a library.

5. Fritz’s deed to the library property says that if the building is changed, it’s to be reviewed by Fritz.

6. The County has taken legal action, with Village officials in tow, to get rid of the architectural review.

7. Key Colony HOA is worried about the traffic and is scared it’ll be a mega-library.

8. Key Colony HOA is mad the Village didn’t talk to them first.

9. What does Fritz think about all this?

10. Fritz is dead.


Around Town

  • Tomorrow 10/18
  • πŸ‘» Haunted Hike (Also Sat) (Bill Baggs)
  • Saturday 10/19
  • 🍀 "I only like fish when it doesn't taste fishy" (Marine Stadium)
  • πŸ€ͺ Not 'hahaha' but 'jajaja' (900)
  • Tuesday 10/29
  • πŸ– Ever wonder what human flesh tastes like? (St. Agnes)

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
200 Galen 308 690 1/1 '81 $70k $250k
KC II 906 1870 2/2 '06 $1.1m $1.175m
Island House 1205 950 1/1.5 '00 $232k $610k
CC East 106 1260 2/2 '86 $125k $525k

One more thing

After talking about flags last week, someone sent over this Key Biscayne seal, rejected by the Village back in the days of incorporation.

Rejected Key Biscayne seal from 1991Gotta love those seagrape leaves, but not much else.

Extrapolating that shield into a flag you might get something like this:

Key Biscayne flag prototype 1991 extrapolated from rejected sealWhy the orange, though?

Not really a keeper, but still better than the current flag.

That's that

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Is the Winn Dixie building a sports bar by the entrance? What are those beer taps for?


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