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Hello Key Biscayne!

Another week, another Rag.

Someone suggested the newsletter should always open with a photo near the top. They say it’s good for engagement, even if it has nothing to do with anything.

House at 540 Harbor DriveDoesn't this house look like Key Colony?

On we go.

Articles of text

Oh, the water, ohhh, the water As mentioned last week, the Village Council is finally getting the ball rolling to try and find a solution to our constant poop-smoothie beaches. They’re gonna check if the poop is human or not, they’re gonna check if there’s poop in the flood water, they’re gonna check septic tanks, they’re gonna check fertilizer, they’re gonna check seaweed, and they’re gonna check if you’ve got a skidmark in your bathing suit. ♒︎

(Key News)

Parklife The council approved buying two properties, 571 and 599 Harbor Drive, for $4.03m. If the deals go through, they’ll be converted into a new park. If the deals don’t go through, they’ll be converted into one of those contemporary box-shaped houses with a little stone accent on the front. ◻️

(Key News)

From the peanut gallery

Speaking to last week’s KB flag:

The orange in the flag is the sunset glow. This flag would be perfect for KB…says it all.



Around Town

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Oceana 404S 1837 2.5/3.5 '18 $2.5m $2.875m
445 Allendale 1312 3/1 '10 $885k $1.15m
Towers C302 1782 2/2 '89 $280k $630k

Tail wags the dog

Back in July the Rag ran a brief filler original piece about the history of the Calusa Playhouse. It even had some original photos. It was titled, “This old shack.”

Key Biscayne Calusa PlayhouseThe original caption was more witty.

Coincidentally, today, the Islander News also has a piece about the history of the Calusa Playhouse, with “shack” in the title, and it even has the exact photo you see above.

The Rag would like to thank you, the readers. We did it; we made it to the big leagues. 😏


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