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Hello Key Biscayne!

This cool weather lasting for more than a week is the real Christmas miracle, and it looks like it’s gonna keep going for a bit longer.

Key Biscayne xmas tree 2019New tree location. Just out of the frame on the left is the Festivus pole.

Alright, it’s a quick train-wreck from here. Enjoy!


Black tie optional The mayor is all geared up to give his State of the Village address today. It’s not clear why such a message couldn’t be put in a press release, but hey, you can get your free wine and cheese fix if you show up. 🍷

The event is at the Community Center, upstairs, at 7pm. You can read the cliffnotes if you follow the link.

(Islander News)

The best pecans in town are back courtesy of the Key Biscayne Woman's Club (yes, that's a thing). These bags are on sale at Glamour Salon, Nino's Salon, and 1121 Salon (all the best pecans are sold at salons), and those sales have provided scholarships for 165 students since 1958. Don't trust those other pecans; they're barely fresh, hardly mammoth, and probably not even from Georgia.

(More info)

Promote your own thing.

Small town dept.

Have you heard about Key Biscayne’s must-have Christmas present? It’s called, “Hook a Floater.”

Hook a floater fishing gameNot sure if it's a scratch and sniff affair.

The game, which barely qualifies as a game, is only a set of fishing rods and some plastic floating poops. The thing is, it’s just so relatable to the Key Biscayne audience given what’s been happening on the beach recently. It’s fun and informative, which we all know is the best kind of fun.

Well, it was fun, until someone on one of the chat chats decided to get it banned from the Key. Someone complained about it being inappropriate (contrary to popular belief, it seems that not everyone poops), and they had the Winn Dixie pull it from shelves.

In an effort to rectify the situation, the Rag has gone ahead and started a petition to reverse this decision. We hope you’ll sign.

Sign the petition

(p.s. this will be last poop mention for at least six months.)

From the peanut gallery

In response to the mention about the hobos last week:

Maybe writing about them actually will help people not be so concerned about them being here if they are nice guys. Let’s get to know them, no? What are their names? I guess they don’t necessarily want the attention but its kind of hard not to notice when they crack open a beer and just stare at you in the morning walking on the sidewalk. I could probably just go up to them myself and chat in person but…lol



Around Town

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Towers C507 1782 2/2 '08 $603k $975k
KC IV 119 1600 2/2 '10 $495k $600k
OC OT I 208 6701 6/8 '09 $6.1m $5.1m
KC I 307 1541 2/2 '11 $598k $665k
320 W McIntyre 2458 3/3 '10 $1.05m $1.3m
CC South 712 1260 2/2 '77 $105k $545k

Thank God it's over

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