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Hello Key Biscayne!

Just when you thought you’d get another week of reading about the weather or whatever, there’s actually something for you in here about the future of the entry block. Spoiler alert: it’s not some entry utopia, it’s just a decent looking building.

Key Biscayne beach December 2019Think of how nice the beach was this past week while you enjoy your rainy weekend.

Did you know that moisture is the essence of wetness? And wetness is the essence of the Key’s most bangin’ party. The place to be to see and be seen, the Aquaparty is a who’s who of the finest Key Biscayners. This year’s theme is, “WWDBW: What would David Bowie Wear?” so make sure you go glam on your outfit. Nervous? Don’t sweat it. They moved the party to January so you'll be cool no matter what. 😎

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Two scoops

Good enough for bluegrass It’s finally happening: the owners of the entry block have unveiled their plan for developing the site. It’ll be mixed retail and office space in that inoffensive contemporary style. It’s not a Walgreens so most people will be satisfied, but just in case, they’re planning a little hype party on Monday to try and make sure public opinion doesn’t get away from them. 🏢

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Laugh and cry Dade County is officially the best place in Florida to drive like an asshole and get away with it, according to a study by the Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Of all counties in Florida, we’re the one where you’re least likely to get in trouble for most vehicle infractions, including DUI, even after you get caught. Actually, it’s not even close when you look at the stats.

It helps explain the lousy drivers on the island. It’s nice that you can do whatever you want here, but at the same time, so can everyone else. 🎭

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Around Town

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Blue Pelican 305 1068 2/1 '14 $380k $345k
Island Breakers 7A 1370 2/2 '97 $194k $440k

One more thing

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