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Hello Key Biscayne!

Oh, it’s already Thursday.

Key Biscayne Yacht Club August 2020The new yacht club, a modest spot by the bay.

Brace yourself, this one’s not getting much better from here.

The little there is to print

Unpaid internship It’s an election year so everyone’s got to get their opinions out, but have you ever wanted to take that opinion and turn it into more than a drunken rant or dumb newsletter?

There are three spots open on the Key Biscayne Council, and you’ve got until noon on Thursday, August 20th, if you want to put your name in for the November ballot. As of yesterday only one person has filed: current council member Brett Moss. That means right now your chances of being elected are 100%. 😏

(Village KB [PDF])

Cost per cough As covid numbers seem to be dropping, it’s a good time to ask, who the hell is gonna pay for all the extra expenditure related to covid? Good ol’ Uncle Sam, that’s who. As the federal government doles out cash, cities around Dade County have started sending their bills.

The village has spent about $300k so far in its response to coronavirus, not counting personnel costs, which adds another $300k. About a third of that has been for testing, but they also bought a fancy new golf cart to drive on the beach, amongst other things. 💸

(Miami Herald)

Frustrated Inc. No matter how your realtor spins it, property values on the Key are on the decline. Misery loves company so it’s nice to hear another wealthy island in Biscayne Bay is suffering along with us.

Fisher Island, the wealthiest zip code in the country as of a few years ago, is seeing its property values tank just like ours. If you’re one of those people who’s always wanted the Key to be more like this exclusive enclave, now’s your chance to get in on the real thing. 📉

(Miami Herald)


Nah, still doing this covid thing

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Towers D1007 1782 2/2 '75 $92k $995k
KC IV 404 1720 2/2 '15 $910k $700k
OC CT II 606 2790 3/4.5 '98 $675k $1.825m
Sands 3D 1496 2/2 '12 655k $800k
335 Pacific 3285 4/4.5 '95 590k $2.2m
OC OT II 1408 5207 4/5.5 '08 $6.95m $6.65m

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