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Hello Key Biscayne!

An election this week for county mayor had key rats voting somewhat differently than the rest of the county, but don’t worry if you missed it because you’ll get to vote for them again in November. Well, not for all of them, but you didn’t vote anyway so let’s not get into the details.

Crandon blvd and South Mashta intersection Key Biscayne august 2020Slow down, this is a neighborhood.

Let’s see what’s next.

Little trouble in little village

Total electrical fire A bit of smoke coming out of the salon at Harbor Plaza (the 7-11 mall) turned out to be a small fire. Key Biscayne Fire Rescue managed to get there and put it out with minimal damage done to the salon itself, but they said the smell of burnt hair will linger long enough to remind everyone it happened. 🔥


Boat 54 Last year the KB marine patrol responded to 22 calls, and for some number of those calls, they had a hard time finding the houses they were responding to. If only there existed some kind of technology which let you find addresses.

Maps are not the solution we’re going with, though. Instead, the Village is looking to require all waterfront residents to put their house numbers somewhere on the backs of their houses. The idea of just sending an officer in a car to the house was apparently not considered. 🗺

(Islander News)

Covfefe Is becoming numb to covid data one of the symptoms? The trends in South Florida are on the down, but probably not down enough to get cocky like we did in May. The Key is also reporting way less new positives than a month ago.


Do your part, or not

The deadline to run for council this year is today at noon. That means by next week’s Rag we’ll have some newbloods, as well as some veterans, vying for the chance to get bitched at by the whole town for the next four years.

It seems like a good idea to ask this fresh batch of contenders some good questions that will give us real insight into their thinking. So what do you guys want to know about them? Of course the obvious question is how they feel about the $100m bond referendum, but we can ask more insightful questions than that.

Maybe you want to know how they would have voted on the $950k (correction: ~$850k) dog park. Maybe you want to know if they would have been in favor of the Silver Sands building apartments a few years back. How about the Walgreens at the entrance; would they have allowed that? Or maybe you just want to know what they order at the Donut Gallery.

If you’ve got a good question for them, related to their functions as council members, reply to this email. Of course, this is all assuming they’ll even respond. 🤓


They need a tumbleweed emoji

Last Week's Sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
KC II 134 1560 3/2 '14 $875k $1.11m
705 Curtiswood 2788 5/4.5 '88 $191k $1.92m
Towers E106 1409 2/2 '02 $280k $490k
Island Breakers 8D 1335 2/2 '16 $590k $533k
570 Sabal Palm 5096 6/6.5 '14 $2.16m $4.475m
Ambassador 607 1311 2/2 '11 $345k $518k
472 Warren 3775 4/5 '16 $1.9m $2.4m
KC I 109 1531 2/2 '09 $588k $800k
Gardens of KB 28 1964 3/2.5 '90 $210k $900k
Towers E608 1782 2/2 '76 $105k $800k
601 N Mashta 4849 5/5 '08 $4.55m $6.4m
OC LV III 403 2220 3/3 '04 $875k $1.25m
775 Curtiswood 3202 5/5 '18 $1.645m $1.8m

Signing off

Key biscayne beach view looking north east august 2020If you squint real hard you can see the Deuce in MB.

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Let’s see who steps up to the plate next week. See you then.

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