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Hello Key Biscayne!

We’ll be sick of it next week but there’s something nice about not much happening over the past week. Oh, sure, a storm that didn’t hit us and some flooding, but we know what that’s all about.

crows after storm eta key biscayne november 2020Me and the boys wishing the old Stefano's was still a thing.

Anyway, let’s see what we dug up.

Big fuckup

Two weeks ago, right before the election, there was this thing that happened with a guy and some girl and they were touching and the cops came and it was a mess. The Rag mentioned it was ‘apparently’ one of the candidates involved, but it wasn’t. This of course is really bad to print, especially right before an election.

It turns out it was someone supporting the candidate, and then the candidate’s campaign manager offered support in the Islander, but it wasn’t the candidate themselves. It won’t happen again.

Also, 605 Warren Lane was listed as selling for $1.19m last week. It actually sold for $1.91m. Sorry to get your hopes up. 😉

There's news, and then there's this

Covid cures Being the Key it’s likely many of you drink water imported either from a private stream halfway up Mont Blanc or filtered at home through ancient ash from Mount Vesuvius, but for the rest of us there’s good ol’ MD-TAP and it’s been tasting funny this week.

The reason: the county has been adding a different, more pungent chlorine to the water this week, and will continue to do so for the next week, so as to clean the pipes around town. Also, mind control. 🤯

(Miami Herald)

Too easy After writing last week about some car thieves getting caught, another car was stolen this week, and there’s a video. For some time now we’ve been speculating how these criminal masterminds were so good at stealing our cars. Did they have some kind of radio relay that would get the signal from further away? Was it an inside job from the dealerships? No, none of these.

The KBPD finally gave us the details, and they’re wholly unsurprising: every single car stolen over the last two years has been unlocked with the keys inside. 🤷‍♀️

(Village KB)

Working for the clampdown Not much to say here except that the KB covivi positivity rate keeps creeping up week after week: two weeks ago at 2%, last week at 4%, now we’re reaching those 6% numbers. Will it matter? Tune in to find out. 🌊

(Village KB)

From the peanut gallery

Regarding last week’s restaurant stuff:

Went to Amici’s for Halloween: pretty good. Great wine prices.


Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Towers D1207 1782 2/2 '99 $325k $900k
Le Phare 55B 776 1/1 '13 $305k $350k
Crandon Tower 61 1090 2/2 '89 $108k $360k
Ocean Village 4022 1734 3/2 '11 $460k 768k
Le Phare 20C 875 2/1 '89 $127k $375k

Piss off

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That’s it for this one. Have yourself a mellow week.

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