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Hello Key Biscayne!

A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We know a good half of you are going to ignore every safety precaution and have fifteen people over, so at least open the windows at your place and let the breeze come through. It’s nice enough weather.

Beach Key Biscayne Nov. 2020Remember what we said about beach pics?

Just a bit of fluff for today.

Light reading

Survey says Ahh the Village survey. This is a thing that shows up every few years and asks island residents what they think is important for the Village to prioritize around town. Then the council looks at the results and if they like them they fix things, and if they don’t they ignore it.

But you should still fill it out! That’s because when the results are published, at least we can wave them around and say, “No, this is what islanders actually want!” 📝

(KB Survey)

Covivi report A good many of you have written in to ask about the covid reporting in the Rag and on the island. The reason it’s so sparse is because there just isn’t that kind of data for the Key. We don’t know how many key rats have ended up in the hospital and we don’t know how many have died (apart from those whose families share their stories). All we have is the total number of people who tested positive, and the rate of positive tests.

Over the past month we’ve seen the positivity rate on the Key go up from 2% to 6% and now the latest stats show it around 3%, even with more people getting tested. The Dade County rate has also gone up a few points and is holding at ~7%. That’s it, can’t tell you more. Take that info and make your choices. 📈

(Village KB)

Oh poop Most of you won’t go in the water when the temperature dips under 85ºF, but just in case, you should probably know that the Florida Dept. of Health said the Key beach wasn’t very clean yesterday.

The quality of the water changes day by day, but they issue an advisory when it comes out dirty two days in a row. If you don’t have open wounds, covid, or a weird salt water fetish you should be fine. 💩

(Islander News)

Corporate welfare You’ve got your business here on the Key and because of the bug you’ve been hit hard in the books. Well, the government has a few bucks to throw you a bone.

If your business qualifies you could get some sweet cash from the Village via the CARES act (Daveycare as they call it on the island). Just fill out this form, don’t lie, and hopefully you’ll get a little something to cover you for a bit. 💰

(Village KB)


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Oceana LPH5S 1730 3/4 '14 $2.02m $2.88m
910 Harbor 2735 5/4 '11 $6.75m $8.5m
KC I 837 1531 2/2 '17 $1.05m $1m
CC East 906 1260 2/2 '18 $530k $830k
251 Galen 215 854 1/1.5 '18 $275k $245k
CC South 1103 895 1/1.5 '86 $120k $475k
Towers A1208 1782 2/2 '92 $410k $1.125m
Towers C803 1114 1/2 '02 $225k $400k
Le Phare 51B 776 1/1.5 '02 $178k $308k
Oceana 801N 4080 4/7.5 '14 $5.2m $7.9m
KC IV 209 1715 3/2 '99 $255k $650k
Ocean Village 2033 1734 3/2 '13 $615k $662k

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