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Hello Key Biscayne!

One hot story (😏) and a bit of human interest fluff for you all this week.

Dark sky Key Biscayne Jan 2021Key Biscayne at night.

You guys remember those old postcards? Anywho, let’s go.

That one thing that happened

Sunburnt You know those thatched umbrella shades they have at the Beach Club? What would you call those things? It’s not a chickee hut, as some have reported. A chickee shade? A chickee umbrella? Well, regardless, someone lit a bunch of them on fire Tuesday night.

The culprits are unknown. Probably some punks; probably the type of people to refer to them as ‘tiki’ instead of ‘chickee’. 🔥

(The grapevine)

Key rats doin' stuff

Mysteries of the deep You ever done it underwater? It’s overrated, unless you’re a fish. Or a staghorn coral.

Pete Zuccarini, key rat, brother of ‘Beaches and Peaches’, and renowned underwater cinematographer, has been helping researchers at RSMAS film corals spawning. These transplanted corals only spawn at a precise time, in pitch darkness, so his expertise and a special camera (4.5M ISO for you camera nerds) were needed.


Stonks A paddleboard is cool but someone else’s paddleboard is even cooler. But what if you have no friends with paddleboards, or no friends at all? Three key rats came up with the solution and are now looking to take it to the next step.

A few years ago EP Jauregui, Andres Avellano, and Khalil Khouri started PADL, the self-service paddleboard rental company (there’s a station at the beach park). After some time ironing out the kinks they’re now ready to expand the business and are looking for punters like you to get in on the action.


She who smelt it School buses carry the residual smell of the thousands of stinky kids who ride them. Another part of that smell might be the lingering CO2 from the exhaust, which can be ten times higher than EPA limits.

Key rat Holly Thorpe discovered the noxious fumes when taking air samples in buses, and that in turn helped to encourage Miami Dade Public Schools in their initiative to replace diesel busses with electric.

(Miami Herald)


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
GB Res 1009 3480 3/4.5 '11 $2.4m $2.85m
315 Cypress 2109 4/3 '05 $1.175m $1.4m
135 Woodcrest Ln 3699 6/6.5 '05 $1.038m $2.346m
761 Glenridge 3504 5/5.5 '17 $2.795m $3.075m
251 Galen 311E 1200 2/2 '93 $117k $370k
CC South 900 1930 3/2.5 '80 $340k $1.255m
Oceana 1206N 2257 3/4.5 '14 $2.9m $3.575m

Last part

Key Biscayne Beach Club chickee umbrellaThey'll be back. 🤞

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