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Hello Key Biscayne!

This week it’s a bunch of news that could have happened last week, or last month, or last year: stolen cars, car chases, and crocs.

Key Biscayne beach renourishmentEven our beaches get a little plastic surgery.

The small town strikes back. Let’s get on with it.

The coveted Krusty Cup is back. For over ten years the Calusa Club has held an all-island frisbee tournament and the final is coming up on April 4th. If you're into friz it's a good opportunity to meet other nerds like you, and if you're not it's still a good chance to be outside and grab a beer (courtesy of the club). Reach out to the Calusa Club following the link below.

(More info)

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One more time Another three cars were stolen around 2am last weekend. Two of three cars were recovered right away.

The curious thing is that the island has a checkpoint every night because of curfew, making sure everyone coming in lives on the island. Could it be an inside job? Well, in one way: the keys were inside the cars. ๐Ÿค”


Hold me some In that big federal stimulus package that passed was some cash for local governments. The Key is gonna get ~$5.4m to work on projects and to dole out to businesses. If thatโ€™s how much you paid this year youโ€™re probably not happy, but you also probably donโ€™t read this newsletter. ๐Ÿ’ธ

(KB Independent)

For the sake of it A Minnesota tourist who drove into the Key late-night this week got stopped at the key curfew checkpoint, sped off injuring an officer in the process (sheโ€™s ok), and ended up being caught on alligator alley (I-75).

They charged the guy with fleeing and hitting the officer. Why did this person flee in the first place? That’s left for you to guess. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ


What you came for Here’s your croc fix for the week. Itโ€™s at the golf course so it doesnโ€™t really count. ๐ŸŠ


From the peanut gallery

On last week’s island paths:

That would never fly. As it is, with the restricted paths, we already have too many bike thefts, among other thefts. Mine was stole twice, chained to the wall from the parking garage. Perps entered through the beach going under the fence. Things calmed down when they paved over the sand at the fence, but still there are trespassing issues. Itโ€™s not 1960 any more Toto, certainly not 1949 when there wasnโ€™t anything.


[…] I totally agreed about the blocked passage ways, ungate us!


RitzGate was usually closed during my tenure as a Galenite that ended 3 years ago, so check your facts, and my shoe prints, southsider.


Ed note: ’twas open this summer!


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
KC I 428 1541 2/2 '13 $660k $1.04m
797 Woodcrest EMPTY LOT '15 $1.75m $1.65m
OC CT II 303 2500 3/4.5 '06 $1.7m 1.475m
CC West 815 2610 4/4 '90 $275k $1.3m
Oceana 205S 1830 3/3.5 '14 $1.675m $1.88m
Mar Azul 11AS 2052 3/3 '20 $1.1m $1.355m
100 Ocean Lane 308 1242 2/2 '86 $112k $410k
GB Tower 1003 3630 3/5.5 '99 $1.225m $2.8m
Towers A1006 1409 2/2 '01 $160k $660k
Towers F1001 1782 2/2 '89 $325k $970k
Oceana 1106N 2257 3/4.5 '14 $4.15m $3.59m
CC East 1002 840 1/1.5 '18 $540k $625k
CC West 104 1260 2/2 '13 $720k $700k
Island House 707 1320 2/2 '07 $875k $935k
945 Mariner 5191 5/6 '92 $1.15m $5.75m
KC III 533 1546 2/2 '01 $360k $770k
Towers C406 1782 2/2 '72 $74k $1.155m
CC East 209 1260 2/2 '03 $399k $633k
CC East 1205 1260 2/2 '09 $630k $862.5k
KC II 139 1546 2/2 '16 $829k $1.05m

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