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Hello Key Biscayne!

I know you’re busy so this will save you the trouble: freebee has expanded service and there’s new parking spaces being installed. The rest is tangentially related to the Key but you may want to read it anyway.

Key Biscayne beach March 2021Business sand in the front, party sand in the back.

There are a few photos, though. Let’s get on with it.

News clues

Lemme get a ride Freebee is expanding their service and will now take you to and from Bill Baggs and Crandon Park. But will they take you from Bill Baggs to Crandon Park, with a cocktail in hand? That was not made clear. 🍸

It’s a match Did you have your car stolen because you left your keys inside? You’re not alone. It’s happening across the country but here’s a story about it happening to more people in South Florida. Maybe you can all meet up and start a support group. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§

(Sun Sentinel)

Can’t touch this Gov. DeSantis has come in and wiped away all fines given for mask violations. You may remember he originally made it unenforceable to collect fines, but Dade County and the Village continued enforcement on the premise that fines could be collected later. This puts a damper on that parade and frees the three people who somehow managed to get a fine from having to pay. 🎭

(Sun Sentinel)

Egret alert! Got a hot tip that there would be more bird activity this year, in particular that more great egrets than ever will be flying around this year on the Key. Couldn’t find anything about it but, hey, keep your eye out for birds. πŸ¦…

What's happenin' on Fernwood?

And why is there a fence at the Village Green?

Fernwood Village Green Key Biscayne March 2021 angle parkingThis is two weeks of work.

What, you don’t read every single issue of this periodical? Told you back in August it was angled parking. It’s supposed to make more parking spaces for the same amount of space. Here’s a video.


Around Town

  • Saturday 3/27
  • πŸ‡ If it's anything like last year expect some sirens (All around the island)
  • Saturday 4/11
  • πŸ₯ The coveted Krusty Cup Finals (free 🍻) (MAST Field)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Mar Azul 3CN 2366 3/3 '95 $610k $899k
OC CT I 301 2780 3/3.5 '06 $1.7m $1.75m
OC LV II 406 2470 3/3 '09 $1.13m $1.27m
OC RV I 207 1450 2/2 '09 $600k $764k
Ocean Village 1033 1734 3/2 '97 $233k $723k
OC OT II 604 2510 3/3 '01 $670k $1.89m
Gardens of KB 19 1460 2/2.5 '13 $617k $900k
OC OT II 5207 4/5.5 '01 $2.45m $3.7m
CC South 209 1260 2/2 '17 $545k $550k
Solimar 2H 1058 2/2 '79 $85k $400k
Towers A805 1409 2/2 '15 $715k $730k
220 Hampton 2006 3/2 '07 $1.21m $1.6m
KC II 839 2312 2/2 '79 $289k $1.64m

One more thing

A reader sent this in with the caption, “Amazing sunset from the Yacht Club.”

Sunset Key Biscayne Yacht Club March 2021Are sunset photos ever really amazing? πŸ“Έ:MDP

That's that

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