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Hello Key Biscayne!

Well, you guys got what you wanted: the key is so quiet that nothing happened this week. They shooed off all the kids and now there’s nothing to bitch about.

birds hangin' out key biscayne may 2021Finally found a subject worse than sunsets: birds from far away.

It does make this job easier, though, so there’s that.

The news section

🙈 🙉 🙊 🐒

Nothing all the way down.

More bay blues

The Rag has harped on about the need for access to the bay for residents, to no avail. Advocating here is about as effective as starting one of those online petitions. Still, a reader sent in this little tidbit about this crummy, yet available, access to the bay they and their friends had figured out, and so here’s a mention.

Map marking bay access spot.There's no treasure, only dashed dreams of the bay.

The spot was a little opening accessible from between the Crossbridge Church and St. Agnes field. These rats were trudging paddleboards and kayaks over 100m through the buggy bush just to be able to get on the water. The volume of people going through must’ve gotten too high because the church put up a fence blocking access.

Fence around bay access.It's a fence and a sign. Not sure what you expected.

Voyeur's vantage

Last week we mentioned the creepy camera set up at the beach, and the creepiest part is that the Rag has already set up a TV with it streaming beach footage 24/7. That’s good news for you, though, as you get these dumb pics to look at.

Camping Key Biscayne beach May 2021In motion it kind of looked like they were doing it in there.

Caught in the rain Key Biscayne beach May 2021"This rain's gonna pass." (Spoiler: it didn't)

From the peanut gallery

On the mixed up stories and rumors about that assault two weeks ago:

Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another you’d been messin’ around…🎶



Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
CC East 713 1260 2/2 '06 $737k $850k
450 Grapetree 314 1404 2/2.5 '14 $820k $845k
Towers B1005 1405 2/2 '14 $850k $985k
CC East 508 1260 2/2 '97 $420k $994.5k
CC South 112 1260 2/2 '00 $200k $591.7k
691 Hampton 3565 6/6.5 '15 $3.2m $3.35m
KC III 205 1821 2/2 '86 $146k $755k
OC OT II 302 2510 3/3 '15 $1.938m $1.525m
Oceana 603S 3013 3/4.5 '14 $4m $5.18m
Ocean Ln Plaza 910 1335 2/2 '09 $515k $540k
Towers F301 1782 2/2 '77 $120k $732.5k
Towers B202 1782 2/2 '97 $330k $875k
OC CT III 403 2500 3/4.5 '12 $1.38m $1.66m
Towers F1201 1782 2/2 '13 $860k $1.15m

The end

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