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Hello Key Biscayne!

The best part about summer on the island is that everyone leaves โ€˜cause itโ€™s too hot and humid and only the true believers are left mucking about. Once everyone has finally poured out, sometime in late July or early August (it varies), we plot how the Key will actually be run for the next year at the annual meeting. They serve really good mini-hotdogs at this meeting. ๐ŸŒญ

300 galen key biscayneIsland living, eh?

As long as you’re still here you may as well read the rest.

Most of the adult shirts are sold out but you can still get some for the kids, or a tank top. Whatever you do you better get one quick or you're gonna feel awfully dumb come July 4th.

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News, sort of

When will it end Last September during the election some resident filed ethics complaints against all the candidates they didnโ€™t like. Not sure if it was to be petty or because they really thought some 4D conspiracy would be revealed. Now the results are in and hereโ€™s the big bombshell: all those investigated had some technical errors in filing things and have to pay $300-500 bucks.

The Islander went ahead and looked at all the filings of those not investigated and found all but two would have failed the test. Regardless, no one is getting fired over this. ๐Ÿ™„

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Skim it Couple of weeks ago we had a little briefing here on the island government going-ons. They finally met up yesterday so hereโ€™s a quick summary of where things stand:

  • Annoying kiteboarders – working on it.
  • Skatepark – backburner.
  • Community Center – opening more but not enough staff.
  • Golf cart / traffic safety – backburner.

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Back it in

The new reverse, angled parking has arrived on Fernwood and added a lot more parking. You’re supposed to reverse into the spots so you cause less congestion getting out.

Fernwood parking Key Biscayne June 2021Each parking spot is extra long in case you want to have a BBQ.

Of course, no one here is reversing because they donโ€™t know how it works and even if they did, this is Dade County and we all just do whatever we want in our cars. *Beep beep* ๐Ÿš™

From the peanut gallery

When I SUPโ€™d this morning on the beach I found those words magic markered (is that a verb?) onto the red buoys being anchored into the seafloor in front of the Silver Sands by some scuba divers and a commercial diving boat.

I suppose that the village is proactively addressing the issue of kite boarders traveling at high speed very close to the beach.

No kite boarders, or sargasso, currently as the wind is coming from the west. But when the wind returns to the east they will both be back.


Kiteboard markers and sign key biscayne june 2021Two pictures in one to save space.


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
OC CT II 601 2790 3/5.5 '14 $2.3m $2.67m
Gardens of KB 60 2442 4/3.5 '18 $1.45m $1.53m
KC III 1022 1547 2/2 '99 $421k $957k
515 Warren 2030 3/2 '13 $1.6m $1.875m
330 Harbor Ct 3590 5/4 '05 $1.425m $3.8m
Ambassador 506 1311 2/2 '13 $450k $545k
320 Harbor Ct 2514 4/3 '13 $1.58m $2.425m
Oceana 902S 3354 4/5.5 '14 $4.45m $7.25m
KC IV 150 2555 3/2 '16 $1.1m $1.275m
KC I 900 2169 3/3 '15 $1.8m $2m
240 Galen 305 1100 2/2 '18 $393k $485k
Towers A807 1782 3/2 '13 $750k $980k
Bahia Mar 10E 1518 3/2 '14 $790k $790k
200 W Mashta 1972 4/3 '01 $745m $1.97m
OC LV I 202 2497 3/3 '04 $1.1m $1.32m
618 Curtiswood 3881 6/6 '16 $3.5m $2.925m
225 Harbor 3900 4/4 '02 $1.5m $2.4m

Guess that's it

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Thirty years ago tomorrow we voted to incorporate as a Village. Now we’re here. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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