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Hello Key Biscayne!

What’s your guess for how many people have left the island this month? One fifth? One fourth? One half? Regardless, it feels empty and never has feeling empty felt so good. Remember that when we’re all bickering about some minutia in six months: is it really about the issue or is it about the amount of people? Better yet, remember that when we all get behind a project that brings more people.

KB yacht club miami skylineThis view: brought to you by more people.

Here’s something you shouldn’t remember: anything you read in here. Let’s go.

Alright, last one: there's still kids' 4th of July shirts left, and some tank tops. Get 'em while they're a thing. And if you already ordered, they're gonna be there by the time you've read this.

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Promote your own thing.


Your call If all the island’s problems were managed over dinner and drinks, you’d be the first one to solve them. This isn’t that, but it’s close.

The Village is asking what you think is important in a new police chief. They’ve handed it on a platter for you with a little survey where you can give your opinion and make a difference.

Eh, now you don’t really have the time. Bonus points if you read this and thought, “No one tells me what to do.” 🗯

(Village KB)

Small town dept.

Multiple readers allerted to the fact that a Virgin Mary statuette has once again appeared in the tree on Crandon (thanks you all!).

Key biscayne virgin mary tree crandon

It’s not the same statuette as was there before, which is a bit suspicious. And the plastic wrap around the virgin also raises some eyebrows; but hey, we go with what we got, and we’ve got our shrine back.

We’ve reached out to St. Agnes for comment and officiation of this miracle. No response as of yet. 🌴✝️

From the peanut gallery

On the kiteboarding:

Kiteboarders can be annoying (as much as being at a party, watching everyone get drunk and you’re not part of it!). Nothing new. However, what they are trying to do is a really good thing for the community. What started as a kiteboarding initiative has transformed into an aquatic sports initiative. Hopefully, that will give the teens (and others) on the island something productive to do.

In short, give them shit…cause it’s fun 🙂 but don’t discourage the positivity and the efforts being made. The village manager was pretty impressed with what they are bringing to the table AND actually making things happen vs. complaining and delegating so someone else takes care of it.


On the new reverse parking:

Confused about the parking spaces on Fernwood being angled opposite to the direction of traffic in the adjacent lane. Will reversing into these spots not cause the same problem for traffic flow? That’s assuming someone hasn’t crept behind you as you prepare to back in. This also creates an opportunity for traffic in the opposite lane to cut across and park. I’m sure there’s a reason for this setup, but I can’t figure it out. Perhaps it was deemed safer to have people backing into a spot than into the street where the visibility is poor? Either way, I agree that it is unlikely the key will abide.


Because no one expected people to park like that? It doesn’t matter how may times you show them, they’ll park however it’s convenient to them, not you. Wait a month or so and start ticketing them all. (And post signs of reverse parking only – if they don’t already exist.)


People reading the rag!

fernwood key biscayne reverse parking



Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
422 Woodcrest 3889 5/4.5 '10 $2.13m $3.3m
Mar Azul 10GS 1670 2/2 '04 $583k $885k
KC II 1129 1532 2/2 '14 $835k $950k
653 Glenridge 2666 5/4.5 '14 $1.59m $1.863m
KC I 169 2604 3/3.5 '13 $1.2m $1.892m
Towers E503 1409 2/2 '00 $245k $730k
OC OT II 901 2174 3/2.5 '05 $1.33m $2.1m
425 W Mashta Dr 3636 6/6.5 '04 $4m $7.5m
101 Reef Ln 5074 5/5.5 '18 $4.8m $6.1m
OC CT I 602 2100 2/2.5 '15 $1.95m $1.8m
101 Sunrise A204 2201 3/3.5 '17 $1.6m $1.428m
485 Warren Ln 1284 3/1 '79 $86k $1.85m
Galen Breakers 8H 1325 2/2 '13 $448k $625k
735 Fernwood Rd 1531 3/2 '17 $1.25m $1.55m
KC IV 261 1790 3/2 '17 $950k $900k
14 Turtle Walk 3990 5/6 '03 $1.465m 2.549m
610 Ridgewood Rd 3646 6/7 '17 1.4m 3.15m
KC II 938 1683 2/2 '95 $900k $1.9m
CC South 809 1260 2/2 '15 695k 749k


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