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Hello Key Biscayne!

Hurricane harbor Key BiscayneBlue days on the bay.

Keepin’ it light for you today.

Not really news

Binge it You miss the parade this year? Here’s a video of the whole thing. It doesn’t really do it justice but it’s nice to have it for the archives. 🇺🇸


Small town dept.

Stop for pedestrians signs Key BiscayneOr don't. I'm a sign not a cop.

These neon green “stop for pedestrians” signs have popped up all over the west side of the island. Hopefully they’re very effective, because they sure as hell aren’t good looking. That’s actually an understatement: they’re butt-ugly and they’re all over the place. Many are even at places with stop signs, as if the kind of person who blows through stop signs is going to rethink their choices now that there’s a new, more ambiguous sign.

For a town that gets their panties in a bunch over landscape trimmings being on the curb 6 hours earlier than they should be, a town that replaced a bunch of subdued street signs with “fancy” ones, it seems like someone just half-assed this rollout. 🚸

From the peanut gallery

On the little idol that could (not).

It should be glued to the tree. It’s incredible that it did last 2 weeks. Well, hope we’ll see a new one.


Ahead of the curve:

The placement of these new signs is so inconsistent around the Village, and in many intersections like this one, it’s causing unsafe behavior. Was the installer drunk, incompetent, or both?

I have witnessed numerous drivers turn “inside” the sign into the wrong lane because they’re so difficult to navigate around on the correct side!

Great job, Village…



Around Town

  • Saturday 7/17
  • 🎭 Animal Collective Theater for the family (Community Center)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Towers D408 1782 2/2 '02 $497k $1.655m
Cape FL Club 203 1330 2/2 '06 $300k $438k
CC East 211 1260 2/2 '13 $435k $725k
798 Ridgewood 4121 6/6 '06 $3m $3.2m
GB Res 418 1760 2/2.5 '15 $1.18m $1.4m
750 Curtiswood 1596 4/2 '02 $770k $2.25m
29 GB Estates Cir 3772 6/6.5 '01 $1.49m $3.25m
KC I 1002 2323 2/2 '81 $145k $1.875m
590 Ocean Dr 5C 1365 2/2 N/A $511k
KC III 534 1584 2/2 '19 $590k $1m
Mar Azul 4CN 2366 3/3 '20 $1.29m $2.5m
Le Phare 19C 875 2/1 '95 $129k $405k
201 Galen Dr 216 1109 2/1 '91 $115k $270k


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