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Hello Key Biscayne!

No, really, we can’t make up the news so this issue is extra slim. Once school starts things should pick up a bit.

Key Biscayne Beach Club partyFinally got on the list for the underground raves at the Beach Club.

Please don’t send us your jokes about whichever news org. you think makes up the news; send them to that person in your family who has to pretend you’re funny instead.

There’s another picture at the bottom. Let’s go.

Follow up news

We good Are you still worried about buildings collapsing or have you moved on to worrying about whatever the hot thing is to worry about today?

Good news either way: the Village has finished its audit of buildings on the island, and they’re officially not worried about the imminent collapse of any of them. 👷‍♀️

(KB Independent)

Wide view What used to be called the Key Biscayne 2040 Vision Plan, is now just called the Vision Plan, just in case the plan isn’t ready by 2040.

But how effective was the previous 2020 Vision Plan? Not everything proposed in the plan came true, but a good amount of it did and some of the topics still come up to this day, so it wasn’t for naught. Either way, you can start participating now in shaping the future of Key. ⏳

(Speak Up KB)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
KC I 308 1531 2/2 '05 $585k $960k
271 Greenwood 1911 4/3 '14 $1.8m $2.15m
Island Breakers 3D 1335 2/2 '10 $334k $550k
KC III 939 2330 3/3 '15 $2.1m $1.88m
OC RV I 403 1450 2/2 '01 $440k $969k
Ritz 718 378 1/1 '18 $450k $490k
101 Sunrise A403 2213 4/3.5 '15 $1.7m $1.93m
OC CT II 505 2100 2/2.5 '04 $925k $1.7m
699 Glenridge 3100 4/4.5 '97 $645k $2.85m
330 Caribbean 5528 6/7 '11 $2.88m $4.5m
155 Sunrise 5A 2276 4/3 '12 $535k $1.585m
Ocean Ln Plza 709 1460 2/2 '09 $450k $650k
OC CT II 804 2500 3/4.5 '15 $2.58m $2.85m
KC IV 207 1720 3/3 '14 $700k $850k
OC CT I 505 2100 2/2 '99 $580k $1.128m
Island Breakers 6B 1335 2/2 '16 $490k $525k
KC I 163 2604 3/3 '00 $550k $1.755m

Sign of the times

Guy sleeping on Key Biscayne beachSometimes you just want to sleep on the beach.

One hitter quitter

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