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Hello Key Biscayne!

Night time is the right time for a lot of things, but not really for newsletters. Good thing this one doesnโ€™t have much news.

Man rejoices on Key Biscayne beach"Hallelujah, no one can see us!"

There is this video of a fox someone spotted, though.

Catch up on whatโ€™s up

๐ŸŽ“ Sadly, school starts on Monday across the county, so our time of peace and quiet is over. Well, itโ€™s only sad if you donโ€™t enjoy trying to hit kids with your car while theyโ€™re walking to school. In that case then your season is about to start.

(CBS Miami)

๐Ÿ’ธ Are you a multimillion-dollar contractor and youโ€™d like to turn the Rickenbacker Causeway into some kind of playground and tourist attraction, the RFP details are out from Dade County. If youโ€™re not such a contractor and you want to bitch about it, the mayor of Dade will be on the Key tomorrow to talk about it.

(KB Independent)

๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡น On a more serious note, there are some islanders getting things together to support victims of the earthquake in Haiti. You can give online or directly at Golden Hog, Novechichi, the Islander, or some nondescript spot at Lโ€™Esplenade.

(Islander News)

From the peanut gallery

On the bottom of your shoe:

I would like to report a massive increase in unpicked up dog waste on the island. I have never stepped in so much excrement as I have this summer. Popular sites to leave dog feces for people to step in appear to be, but must not be limited to, the Village Green playground and any place someone might step off a sidewalk to make way for others as some people do these days. And I’ve seen the culprits, owners of tiny dogs with tiny poo that ends up all over this one Tropical Rag reader’s shoes. I suppose I should just watch where I step and accept that refusing to pick up your dog’s defecation, despite the doggie bag dispensers, may be another freedom that should not be contested for fear of reprisal, but that stinks.



Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
380 Ridgewood 1947 4/3 '94 $360k $2.161m
161 Cape Florida 6661 4/5 '00 $2.3m $9.1m
KC II 227 1546 2/2 '19 $712.5k $1.15m
13 Grand Bay Estates Cir 5106 6/6.5 '14 $3.9m $4.15m
131 Harbor 1815 3/3 '13 $1.42m $1.65m
Cape Florida Club 109 1340 2/2 '06 $545k $825k
290 Fernwood 2 2050 3/2.5 N/A $1.7m
610 S Mashta 6490 7/6.5 '95 $2.75m $14.6m
KC I 236 1134 1/1.5 '05 $480k $600k
Crandon Tower 51 1090 2/2 '15 $440k $465k
OC RV I 205 1310 2/2 '12 $850k $970k
KC IV 202 2217 2/2 '06 $775k $1.05m
Towers A207 1782 2/2 '78 $147.5k $885k
Towers E706 1409 2/2 '93 $242k $820k
Ambassador 509 1311 2/2 '12 $470k $592k
GB Tower 808 2840 3/4 '00 $775k $2.35m
131 Island Dr 3417 5/4.5 '10 $2.175m $3.395m
Towers B1205 1409 2/2 '96 $299k $1m
301 Sunrise 2BW 1015 2/2 '16 $449k $465k
KC IV 205 1600 3/2 '16 $615k $975k
290 Sunrise 3F 886 2/1 '04 $274k $390k
Towers A401 1782 2/2 '72 $78k $1.867m
Towers D1201 1782 2/2 '07 $1.46m $1.79m
Towers E802 1782 2/2 '08 $805k $1.05m
CC West 907 895 1/1 '12 $350k $595k


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