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Hello Key Biscayne!

Even though there wasn’t much in the way of content last week, the Rag received an unprecedented amount of feedback last week. Something about sending it out in the evening seems to have inspired a lot of you to read it. Sending a newsletter at night seems odd, though, so we’re back to the morning this week.

Sunrise drive Key BiscayneYou can feel the sweaty heat.

Alright, let’s see what we got.

Two things for you

Bridges of Miami-Dade County The Village is scrambling to do anything it can to have a voice in the upcoming redevelopment of Rickenbacker Causeway. At the last council meeting, the big idea was to submit a proposal to run the causeway ourselves, and therefore outbid any private companies in the process. The Village hasn’t really said what they want the redevelopment to look like (apart from “screw the cyclists”), but they know they want to be the ones to say what that is. They’re planning a special meeting to figure that out on September 1st. πŸŒ‰

(Islander News)

Land ho! A bunch of Haitians landed at Crandon beach last week in a big boat. Some were apprehended and taken into custody, while others made a run for it and presumably made it to Miami. Here’s hoping they do alright. πŸ›₯

(KB Independent)

From the peanut gallery

On jerks on the causeway:

On Sunday afternoon we were passed by four motorcycles inbound at the Rickenbacker Causeway toll booth. The dead giveaway that something illegal was about to happen was their lack of license plates. The show started when their cameraman caught up with them by passing me in the bike lane (he actually had a license plate). From all the burnt rubber marks at both ends of the bridge, you can tell that the Rickenbacker has become a favorite place for stunting (one more thing for us old folks to complain about πŸ˜‰).


On the wildlife:

Croc at Crandon Park

I was in Crandon Park in the nature center this morning and came across this incredible specimen. Thought you would appreciate. The birds were far less fearful than me!


Regarding things that appear in the sky:

Cross in sky at KBYC

These pics should go along with the Mary statue in the tree!

-(a different)AC

Finally, regarding sandy displays of affection:

What to say or do about couples that make out on the beach in front of all to see, young and old?


Ed note: join them?

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
561 Hampton Ln 4165 6/6.5 '15 $3.25m $3.96m
GB Res 310 2950 3/4 '97 $630k $2.075m
Sands 7J 1496 2/2 '13 $715k $1.275m
Galen Breakers 2D N/A 2/2 '98 $185k $580k
270 Buttonwood 3774 5/5 '04 $1.55m $3.8m
Towers C804 1114 1/1.5 '95 $155k $485k
181 Island Dr 3498 6/5 '15 $3.5m $3.455m
OC LT 203 2632 3/3 '04 $769k $1.575m
Casa del Mar 7E 1875 3/2 '02 $472k $1.625m
201 Galen Dr 101 1109 2/2 '16 $380k $415k
Gov's Lodge 2L 440 1/1 '14 $250k $317k
275 Harbor Dr 2458 4/4 '20 $1.8m $2.55m
Towers A602 1782 2/2 '20 $1.55m $1.55m
260 Sunrise E 1250 2/2 '12 $280k $350k
Cape FL Club 605 1330 2/2 '02 $283k $620k
Casa del Mar L5 930 1/1 '20 $570k $620k
OC CT III 506 2780 3/3 '02 $1.05m $3.18m
240 Galen 314 725 1/1 '18 $335k $340k
Island Breakers 7B 1335 2/2 '13 $402k $510k
Towers C206 1782 2/2 '95 $229k $800k

We're done here

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