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Hello Key Biscayne!

Well, no point in summarizing anything this week as you’ll have nothing to read. We got some light material here, folks. That said, in case you stop here, there might be traffic this Saturday.

Night parking Crandon ParkWhen in doubt, pull out an old photo.

Let’s get it going.

It's all filler

Square grouper Have you noticed that popular media portrayals of people who smoke weed have changed now that it’s almost legal and every type of person smokes? Anyway, that’s not what this is about. This is about someone finding a big, fat, brick of weed on the beach this week and it not being your lowly editor. This person bizarrely decided to turn it into the police instead of taking it home to do additional research. 🌿


Little getty I think we mentioned Club 87 sometime last year, but what have you done for me lately? Anyway, it’s a group of guys that are all ~87 years old who like to hang out together on the Key. The group once had 19 members and now they’re down to 9, though it’s not clear if those lost members now stay home or stay in the ground. Either way, it’s still the hottest club on the island.

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Whether you're a fan of all things scary or you just enjoy watching little kids cry from fear, the Haunted Hike is for you. Walk through a scary haunted path down at Bill Baggs on Saturday, Oct. 23rd. Fun for the whole family.

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Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Ocean Ln Plza 607 1460 2/2 '18 $616k $700k
CC East 704 1260 2/2 '13 $750k $1m
200 Buttonwood 3509 5/6 '14 $1.9m $3.815m
CC East 312 1260 2/2 '15 $650k $925k
KC II 306 1546 2/2 '03 $350k $880k
GB Res 416 1760 3/2 '11 $845k $1.36m
Towers D506 1409 2/2 '73 $53k $670k

Tráfico gigante

There’s a couple of events of Virginia Key this Saturday, and they’ll be digging up Harbor Drive at peak times all next week so keep that in mind if you don’t want to get frustrated. 🚙🚗🚓🚐🚙🛵🚗

And just like that, it's done

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