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Hello Key Biscayne!

If your water tasted a little funny this past week it’s because they’ve been adding new mind-control chemicals cleaning the pipes around the county. It should last another few days.

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Let’s see what’s up.

In case you've somehow missed the barrage of emails from local organizations about Give Miami Day, here's another reminder. It's today, so here's a link to all the island-based organizations you can throw a few bucks at.

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Council roundup

To much relief, there’s been very little making waves on the island recently, so now seems like a good time to brief you on what the Village Council has been up to this week.

A brouhaha has flared up recently about whether off-island kids should be allowed in our sports programs. The new rule is that all Key Biscayners get priority, with an extended sign-up schedule. It seems like something that should have already been in place, but now it’s official.

Sports for the under ten y/o kids are now for residents only, with a small exception for the kids of a few coaches.

Chairman of the bored
The Village has a bunch of these advisory boards that are run by resident volunteers. In an effort to seem more transparent and avoid conflicts of interest, they’ve set new rules about who can and can’t be on these boards, and for how long.

Hearing the discussion, the concerns seemed largely political, like the ‘right’ political opinions weren’t being represented on these boards (which don’t really have that much influence anyway). Plus, it’s already so hard to get people to volunteer for things. Still, the new rules don’t really seem to limit anyone one way or another, so if it helps to soothe the feelings of the complainers, well, good enough.

There was a short debate about buying new cars for police and code enforcement employees. They agreed on acquiring four new police cars, but didn’t want to buy one for code enforcement. Code enforcement should be driving a golf cart, some argued, but they didn’t commit to buying anything just yet. Code enforcement will use a unicycle until they decide what to buy.

Movin’ on the causeway
Next steps for fighting the redevelopment of the causeway are underway. One suggestion being explored is to sue the County. For now, it’s all talk, but time is ticking as the RFP finishes in March.

It all ended with a vote on for vice mayor. Brett Moss got the vote 5-2 for the purely ceremonial role, but not before a little rant by Councilmember Lauredo about how the position should be filled by someone hispanic. He then suggested Councilmember Segurola, who declined. 🤷‍♀️


Around Town

  • Tomorrow 11/19
  • 🍷 KB Food and wine fest (The Links)
  • 🎹 Piano on the bay (The Cleat)
  • Saturday 11/20
  • 🍖 15th annual Rib Off (KBYC)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
104 W Mashta 3865 6/7.5 '14 $1.48m $3.9m
Casa del Mar TH22 1042 2/3 '16 $950k $1.05m
OC OT I 802 3581 5/5.5 '04 $1.94m $5.35m
Le Phare 48A 895 2/1.5 '07 $460k $560k
Ocean Village 4013 1450 2/2 '14 $525k $730k
570 Hampton 5671 5/4.5 '12 $2m $3.15m
OC OT I 604 3084 3/4.5 '13 $3.3m $3.6m
KC II 622 1546 2/2 '15 $858k $927k
CC South 904 1260 2/2 '18 $635k $920k
OC CT I 906 2790 3/5 '08 $2m $2.6m

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