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Hello Key Biscayne!

You go out and see any art last week? Hopefully it wasn’t just a bunch of Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley paintings.

Some promising news for the Rickenbacker, while some fumes set things back a bit this week.

Key Biscayne xmas tree lights up closeSanta brought chocolates this year. 🍫

Let’s see what happened.

The things that happened

Nothin’ is ova Don’t get too excited just yet, but there’s signals out there that we may just get our way when it comes to the Rickenbacker. It doesn’t mean we’re going to get the causeway we want, but maybe, just maybe, we won’t get the causeway we don’t want right now.

Dade County Mayor Cava has recommended starting the process over for the redevelopment of the Rickenbacker, after another hearing with input from residents and the Village. The mayor introduced the project herself, so her opinion has weight, but ultimately the county commission will need to vote to restart the process. That vote will be at the earliest in January, which gives lobbyists plenty of time to try and influence the outcome. 💰

(KB Independent)

Sweet smell of gas The vaguely named Paradise Park, that patch of grass at 530 Crandon, was set to start construction this Friday. Not anymore, as they’ve now found that the whole site is contaminated.

The plot of land, which has faced years of delays, used to be a Citgo gas station. It turns out that there’s petroleum pollution deep in the soil, and that soil will have to be removed before any work is done.

Now, before you start crying about how everything is contaminated nowadays, just know that everything has always been contaminated, it’s just society didn’t bother to look into these things until about 20 years ago. 🧪

(KB Independent)

From the peanut gallery

On the lack of happy-go-lucky vibes:

Your newsletter has a negative vibe. Every week.


Ed. note: We got you covered.


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Towers D804 1409 2/2 '14 $810k $950k
100 Ocean Ln 304 1242 2/2 '15 $475k $620k
KC III 736 1632 2/2 '14 $740k $1.025m
Towers D504 1409 2/2 '13 $680k $860k
Island Breakers 6H 1335 2/2 '12 $400k $582.5k
OC OT II 201 2277 3/2.5 '01 $550k $2.05m
Island Breakers 2B 1335 2/2 '93 $137k $575k
OC LT 506 2477 3/3 '14 $1.89m $1.9m
Towers F706 1782 2/2 '13 $800k $940k

Li'l nitpick

Key Biscayne xmas treeYou see that it's off-center? Now you can't not see it.


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