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Hello Key Biscayne!

You can probably already guess what we’ve got in here this week. If you haven’t gotten a call yet from a friend with the cobis it’s either because you lost all your friends after insisting on speaking about conspiracies all year, or they already died from it last year.

Key Biscayne covid test linePeople waiting for a very special xmas present.

That said, hey, at least people don’t seem as worried about actual outcomes this time around. Nice thoughts won’t save your xmas party, but at least it’s a silver lining. 💫

Just some stats

Things are looking up There’s not much to say here that you don’t already know, but for completeness sake: as of writing Dade County was reporting 13% average positive rate for the past week, and the Key was at around ~10%. It’s not enough to panic, but just enough to mess with your plans. 📈

(Islander News)

From the peanut gallery

On last week’s light show feature:

Thanks for the Christmas lights coverage! Our family always enjoys taking a bike ride to check out the lights. Hampton and Greenwood have a week to up their game to ditch the grinch stigma. Glad you showcased 395 Caribbean; you are right they never disappoint.


On being ahead of the curve:

How about this Covid surge! The woman who called from the Department of Health said her cases have been linked to Art Basel. I skipped it this year and still got it.

This was the line to get tested yesterday. 😳 Although most may be Covid scares I’m sure there are plenty who are doing it in order to travel.


On our new produce section:

Oddly finding a lot of vegies on the beach on the daily trash hunt.

Vegetables found on Key Biscayne beach.


Ed. note: Saw a small pumpkin rolling in the waves the other night. Better than styrofoam, I guess.


Things have gotten a bit quiet this week.

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
280 Woodcrest 4216 4/3 '98 $320k $3.614m
150 Sunrise 4A 1120 2/2 '06 $539k $590k
150 Sunrise 2A 1120 2/2 '10 $365k $618.6k
KC III 623 1773 2/3 '07 $1.03m $1.455m
KC IV 312 1715 2/2 '09 $450k $1m
761 Glenridge 3504 5/5.5 '21 $3.08m $3.85m
Sands 10D 1496 2/2 '03 $346k $1.15m
Ocean Ln Plza 606 1600 2/2 '02 $345k $750k
22 GB Estates Cir 4196 6/6 '00 $1.22m $2.808m
KC IV 379 1720 2/2 '88 $205k $1.065m
100 Sunrise 25 530 1/1 '15 $285k $364k

Merry Xmas!

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Still waiting for you guys to send over the NYE party info. If not we can all just go trash the beach park (as is tradition). See you next week!

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