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Hello Key Biscayne!

Who said we have no seasons down here in the tropics? Clearly we’ve got summer, this weekend, and then summer again. ☃️

AI generated image of Key BiscayneThis is what came out when telling a computer to generate an image of Key Biscayne. The NFT starts at $3m. 🤖

Enjoy it while it lasts (the weather and this newsletter).

Tales of town life

Free boat In case you missed it, which is unlikely (big thanks to all of you who sent it in 😉) a Cuban raft was discovered on the shore at Bill Baggs last week. The rafters themselves were not discovered, which optimistically means they made it off the island, evaded DHS, and are now well on their way to being horrible drivers. 🇨🇺

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Ricky Backy Dade County is holding what could be the meeting where they officially decide to cancel their horrible plans for the Rickenbacker next Wednesday, in case you’re the type of person to call in and give your opinion. If you’re not that kind of person, you can just wait ‘til next Thursday when the outcome will be in this newsletter. 🥱

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Free fallin’ About two months ago the Village put out a warning: either you show us that your building is up to date on structural maintenance or you’re going to start getting fined. A dozen buildings weren’t in compliance (though there was never any fear they would fall) but that lit a fire under their butts and now it looks like everyone is above board. ✔️

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Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
KC III 338 1547 2/2 '09 $483k $1.03m
Ritz 717 532 1/1 '20 $450k $575k
323 Caribbean 3299 4/4 '05 $2.03m $2.95m
KC I 331 1531 2/2 '93 $325k $980k
442 Woodcrest 4332 6/6.5 '11 $2.3m $3.5m
Oceana 1105N 1727 2/3.5 '14 $2.5m $3.13m
350 Harbor Dr 8928 7/8.5 '93 $1.63m $15.9m
OC LT 407 3091 3/4 '13 $2.05m $2.38m
OC CT III 1102 2100 2/2.5 '15 $2.18m $2.3m


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