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Hello Key Biscayne!

A slow week on the island, just how we like it, but if you scroll down there’s an amusing picture of a bus.

key biscayne beach at duskRace you there and back.

You’re already half-way done reading.

Kind of a story

School’s out This is a long story about some company who wants the Village to revise current zoning laws, but the real meat is that said company wants to build a new K-12 school on the island. Will they succeed? All signs point to not anytime soon.

(Islander News)

From the peanut gallery

On fun excursions:

Bus stuck on Key Biscayne beach

Driver thought it would be easier to make a u-turn on the beach than back down the lane. You can’t make this stuff up!



Around Town

  • Monday 3/7
  • 😑 If you're upset with the principal, this one's for you (KBCS)
  • Thursday 3/10
  • πŸ—£ We post lectures here all the time, but this one has branding (Crossbridge Church)
  • Friday 3/11
  • πŸ„ The only festival on Vkey that actually feels like a key rat thing (Virginia Key)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
Mar Azul 3DN 1889 3/2 '02 $540k $1.55m
OC CT I 1003 2500 3/4.5 '03 $960k $3.345m
280 Ridgewood 3699 5/4.5 '05 $2.24m $3.465m
CC West 1205/1203 2155 3/3.5 '88 $756k $1.5m
OC OT II 1501 2174 3/2.5 '09 $1.1m $2.485m
520 Harbor 3569 4/4 '81 $175k $3.2m
Crandon Tower 34 1040 2/2 '10 $265k $456k
301 Sunrise 4BW 1015 2/2 '86 $97.5k $430k
Galen Breakers 5D 1325 2/2 '97 $181k $550k
611 N Mashta 3620 3/3 '21 $6.3m $6.7m

Come and gone

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