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Hello Key Biscayne!

A short note about tennis, and a thank you to all of you who wrote in.

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Keepin’ it brief.

Someone kind of famous said something about us

Shoutout It’s always nice to be remembered.

At the Miami Open the other day, tennis player Nick Kyrgios ranted about the tournament moving off the Key mid-match the other day, probably because it’s no fun playing in a dolled-up parking lot. The guy rants a lot though, so it really didn’t hold any weight. 🤔


O, you guys

Last week we mentioned how the O, Miami poetry festival starts tomorrow, and how every year they ask people to write ZipOdes, poems about their ZIP codes, and you guys delivered. If you didn’t see it last week, it’s a poem where each line is as many words as each number in your ZIP code.

It was a pleasant surprise how many of you wrote in. If you don’t see yours here, rest assured it’ll be published. This column will be running all month.

Once my last
day is duly
if heaven turned out
to be Key Biscayne, I would not be disappointed.

-P “Loves Key Biscayne” S

Gone are days
Of uncrowded causeways
Poop on the playground
And vapid vaping teenagers zooming around on electric scooters


Keys to soul
So we’re told
You didn’t know, no?
Say nothing more as it washes up on shore


If you want to check out the festival (sadly it’s all off the island), check out O, Miami. If you’re inspired, reply to this email with your own poem.

From the peanut gallery

On walking, not talking:

Great point on the art of saying hello without feeling obligated to get into a big conversation without the ensuing guilt. This is truly an art that needs to be taught. COVID did help since it made the fist bump acceptable so you don’t have to break stride.



Around Town

  • Tomorrow 4/1
  • 🧸 For anything here to last 25 years is quite an achievement (The Square)
  • 🎹 If you're into the classics (Multiple locations)
  • Saturday 4/2
  • 🍖 You'll smell like a bonfire after, but it'll be worth it (KBYC)
  • Thursday 4/7
  • 👗 How bazaar (The Links)

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