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Hello Key Biscayne!

A couple of poems to round out the month, and that’s about it this week.

seaweed on the beach Key BiscayneNatural tourist control.

A few of you have chimed in about some road work and other projects happening around town. Sadly, we don’t have answers for those questions just yet, but maybe next week.

Good news for those of you who don’t like to read: this is another issue with no news at all. We can’t make it up, so enjoy the sleepy island.

Last ones

It’s the end of poetry month, so here’s the last two poems you all have sent in.

Bear Cut Bridge
is worn out.
through which we flow;
Public meetings take our pulse: body politic alive/well.


I feel gratitude
For being grounded
Loving hearts who volunteer
Their time, talents and treasure for those in need.


I want to thank everyone who sent in poems and effectively wrote the Rag for us this month. We’ll do it again next year.


Around Town

  • Today 4/28
  • 🎓 Still mad at the school? Tell the superintendant (Village Hall)
  • Tomorrow 4/29
  • 🌍 Watch a documentary about a smoggy ocean (Community Center)
  • Saturday 4/30
  • 🎾 Tennis party (KBTA)
  • Friday 5/6
  • 💃 An Andalusian affair (Crossbridge Church)

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
OC LT 406 2477 3/2.5 '02 $558k $1.85m
KC I 130 2133 3/3 '78 $152k $1.88m
CC East 1115 1469 2/2 '03 $565k $1.35m
KC I 1138 2187 3/3 '03 $920k $2.9m
OC RV I 504 1450 2/2 '04 $530k $1.2m
Bahama House 201 793 1/1 '14 $290k $380k
CC South 601 1930 3/2 '04 $739k $1.73m
GB Res 512 1760 2/2 '96 $630k $1.63m
OC OT II 1405 3084 3/4 '14 $3.53m $4.2m
240 Galen 106 1100 2/1 '14 $350k $395k

Gone so soon

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Start thinking about the 4th of July ’cause it’s right around the corner. See you next week.

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