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Hello Key Biscayne!

If you’re lucky enough that you haven’t left the island in a while, you may not have noticed that there’s construction on Crandon on the way out. For those of you that have had to deal with it every day, get used to it. It’s FPL and they’re doing something with the lines under the road. The project is going to take six months(!).

little party on the beachPoaching sea turtle eggs.

There’s only seven or eight more mentions of traffic in this issue, we swear.

Your lowly editor and the rest of the motley crew that run the 4th of July parade are throwing a party at the Beach Club on Friday, June 3rd, and you're invited. Live band, all food and drink included. First 30 tickets sold are about twenty bucks cheaper so get in quick!

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News you can lose

In the wet The Village wants to change how stormwater fees (the cost to pay for rain to go away) are calculated. Currently it’s done as a kind of even split across the island. Houses pay 50% more than apartments because they’re houses. They wanted a better system for measuring, so they hired some expert from out of town and they came up with a different proposal: however many covered square feet you have, we make a calculation and you pay that.

Now it turns out that houses would end up paying so much more and apartments so much less that they don’t like the expert’s opinion. Well, that’s not completely true: the apartment people definitely like the expert’s opinion.

(Islander News)

Big dreams The Strategic Vision Planning Board, tasked with making plans for a future Key where everything is nicer, recently showed off some of their efforts. Among them is a favorite of this publication: the idea of ripping out the Crandon/Harbor intersection and replacing it with a giant roundabout. Would it work? Who knows. But what we have doesn’t work either so we may as well try it.

The board then went on to propose a bunch of ideas like turning the land behind the Presbytarian church into a bayfront park, turning L’Esplenade into an apartment building, and combining all the shopping centers on Crandon into one giant building where you could walk on the roof all the way from one side of the island to anoth–wait what? Oh no, none of this is ever going to happen. 🙃

(KB Independent)

The little things

Truck parked in median Harbor Drive key biscayneGood thing they put the cone out, if not we wouldn't have seen the truck.

This one was brought to our attention by a reader (thanks Yesleni!). Many mornings on Harbor Drive right in front of the old Oasis, trucks will park in the middle of the road to unload goods destined for surrounding businesses. Of course they’re doing this at what is already peak traffic time so it compounds the problem further.

It makes you wonder what these trucks would do if there was a proper median there and they couldn’t block the road. Would they try and go into the mall parking lot? Would they send a smaller truck? Would business owners make an effort and talk to the Village and the owners of the neighboring empty entrance lot where half a dozen trucks could easily fit and have great access to the neighboring businesses without inconveniencing half the island every morning? We may never know as they can just keep parking in the middle of the road for now.


Around Town

Last week's sales

Location SQFT Rooms Prev Price
KC IV 218 1820 3/2.5 '12 $790k $1.53m
KC IV 454 1600 3/2 '03 $365k $1.45m
730 Myrtlewood 3359 4/3.5 '91 $225k $3.32m
KC II 425 1532 2/2 '98 $235k $1.05m
Grapetree 119 1404 2/2.5 '97 $220k $1.2m
Oceana 501S 3791 4/6.5 '14 $4.88m $8.8m
Casa del Mar L4 930 1/1 '74 $73k $570k
Ambassador 708 1311 2/2 '16 $516k $689k
KC II 638 2605 3/3 '11 $1.88m $3.45m
KC II 638 1546 2/2 '14 $915k $1.29m
KC III 505 1821 2/2 '92 $340k $1.15m
Casa del Mar 24G 1875 2/2 '91 $131k $1.82m
Oceana 1103N 3005 3/4.5 '14 $5.1m $6.6m
Ocean Ln Plza 509 1460 2/2 '99 $245k $715k
CC East 1201 1930 3/2 '00 $780k $3.6m
KC I 624 1531 2/2 '99 $285k $1.1m
251 Galen 216 1109 2/2 '98 $146k $520k
CC East 812 1260 2/2 '20 $700k $1.31m
584 Fernwood 1988 4/3 '14 $1.56m $2.43m
KC IV 175 2090 3/3 '12 $660k $1.25m
KC II 920 1485 2/2 '83 $210k $1.16m
Ritz 814 354 1/1 '20 $435k $590k
300 Galen Dr 406 1068 2/2 '01 $190k $565k
Sands 2L 1772 3/3 '15 $1.42m $1.66m
KC II 1029 1532 2/2 '19 $700k $905k
815 Harbor Dr 1915 4/3 '00 $515k $2.44m


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